What is a 7 +1 Leader?
Every group that attends the Gathering must have at least one leader who is responsible for a maximum of 7 youth. This means if 7 or fewer youth attend, 1 leader must accompany them. If 8 youth attend, 2 leaders must accompany them, etc. 7 + 1 Leaders are responsible for the care and nurture of each youth in their group throughout the Gathering. Leaders are expected to attend all Gathering activities and participate fully with their group.
Who can be a 7 +1 Leader?
A 7 + 1 Leader must be a confirmed member of Lutheran Church-Canada or LCMS congregation, be at least 21 years old at the time of the Gathering, be approved by their Pastor for their role as a Youth Leader and submit an original police check.
Do I send a male and a female 7 + 1 Leader if I have more than 7 youth?
You are only required to send one leader for every seven youth. However, we recommend that you consider having a 7 + 1 Leader of each gender, as the boys and girls sleep in different areas at the University campus, making the opposite gender harder to check on at night. We do suggest that if you know of another youth group going to the Gathering, that have leaders of each gender, then perhaps you can share the responsibilities of looking after each other’s youth at night.
What’s the deal with police checks?
All adults (persons 18 years and over) attending the Gathering must provide an original 2019 police check (vulnerable sector) to the planning committee registrar. The original document will be returned to you after the Gathering and we will keep a copy for our records. If your police department offers a discount, we will provide you with a volunteer letter for your police department. This is done out of a desire to protect the youth and to see to their safety to the best of our ability.
7 + 1 Leader Responsibilities


  • Confirmed member of a Lutheran Church-Canada or LCMS congregation
  • Love for God and for youth
  • Recommended and supported by your Pastor
  • Criminal Record Check submitted to the registrar
  • 21 years old or older

Before the Gathering:

  1. Pray for God’s blessing on the NYG and its preparations.
  2. Encourage your congregation to actively support the participation of youth, their friends and 7+1 youth leaders.
  3. Reach out to all youth of the congregation with information about the NYG.
  4. Encourage youth to invite their friends to the event.
  5. Share your faith through social interaction, Bible studies, and devotions.
  6. Involve and assist youth in making plans, registering, travel arrangements, fund raising, etc.
  7. Check with your pastor, church worker or elder about your legal responsibility as a youth leader!
  8. Lead an NYG information session, reviewing expectations of youth, 7+1 Leaders and the NYG staff.
  9. Consider signing up for 7+1 Leader e-newsletters and encourage youth to sign up for youth e-newsletters to receive the latest NYG updates.

During the Gathering:

  1. Register your group upon arrival.
  2. Attend the 7+ 1 Leader orientation meeting at the Gathering.
  3. Pray that, through the work of the Holy Spirit in the Word, NYG staff, 7+1 Leaders, youth and all participants might be encouraged in their faith.
  4. Be responsible for your 7+1 Group! Know where they are and let them know where you are at all times. Make sure that they are aware of the NYG rules and are reminded of the self-discipline necessary in a large group. Take responsibility for your youth at all times.
  5. Be prepared to correct and offer discipline (if needed) and receive such from other NYG leadership.
  6. Attend and participate in all NYG events and encourage your group to participate too!
  7. Conduct late night checks and get up bright and early.
  8. Safeguard students in your care from any form of abuse.

After the Gathering:

  1. Pray for the safe return of all participants.
  2. Pray that God would use the NYG experience to lead all those involved to share their faith with others.
  3. Host at least one post-NYG social to share and reflect on the total experience.
  4. Encourage your youth to share the experience with their congregation through a special Sunday service announcement, a youth night, a voters’ meeting or any other opportunity.