About the Logo

Are we actually worthless? Well, that depends on your perspective. If you look at it from your own perspective, there are two questions to ponder: What do you have to offer God? and What you can do to make yourself worthy before God? The answer is nothing. There is nothing you can do to make yourself worthy before God, and nothing you have to offer God that makes you valuable. The only thing you bring to the table is your sin. You cannot save yourself from that sin. So, from that perspective, you could see that, in fact, you are worthless in God’s presence as you stand before him a poor, miserable sinner (1 Timothy 1:15). If you look at it from God’s point of view, you will see that He created you (Psalm 139:13-14), and He redeemed you through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus paid the price for your sins on the cross, that price being His life. In the logo, you see the cross within the word “worthless,” and we’re reminded of the blood He shed for us with the use of red lettering. Our theme verse is Romans 5:8 because it tells you that you are not worthless “but God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” The King of Kings died for you, while you stood there in your sin, proving that “there is NOTHING you are worth less than!”

About the Designer

NYG19’s logo was designed by Monica Draper of Draper Web Design and Graphic Arts. Monica has excelled in creative arts from a very young age. Despite her talents in the arts, Monica spent 18 years working in the IT department of a major financial institution. Taking a leap of faith, Monica left her IT job and started up her own company where she could combine the computer knowledge gained from her banking experience with her creative talents. When approached with the challenge of designing the logo for the 2019 National Youth Gathering, Monica jumped right in and said yes! We thank Monica for the many hours, and many revisions, she took to design this logo.