Pastor Glenn Worcester

You may have never heard of Pastor Glenn unless you are from Peace Lutheran Church in Winnipeg, or you’ve attended one of the last two National Youth Gatherings. Even so, you may not remember him. He was supposed to be the Chaplain at the 2016 NYG, but stayed back in Winnipeg, with his wife Andrea, to welcome their first son, Micah, who was born on the first day of the NYG. He is excited to speak and spend time with youth from all over Canada in 2019.
Since you probably don’t know much about him, let’s fill you in. Pastor Glenn (or PG to others, Glenn to his wife, Dadadadada to Micah, Ah-Boom to his nephews, and Jake Gyllenhaal to many strangers), has been serving Peace Lutheran Church since March of 2012. Before then he was serving as pastor in Grand Rapids, MI. He is originally from Detroit, MI and graduated from Concordia University, Ann Arbor, MI in 2004 then went on to receive his Masters of Divinity from Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, IN in 2008. He served his Vicarage at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Lethbridge, AB. He is very active in youth ministry, and National Youth Gatherings have always held a special place in his heart, from when he attended them as a youth (1998 Atlanta), to where he would meet his future wife (2007 Ottawa), to serving on his first committee (2013 Winnipeg), leading all the way here.
He thinks he’s pretty funny, but his wife has other opinions (some might call it dad humor). He is never short on words when speaking about his passions, but understands you may have already stopped reading at this point, so he’ll wrap it up by saying this: He is praying for you, for each and every single person that is considering attending the 2019 NYG. And he asks that you would pray for him and the words he is going to bring to you, the message or your worth and value, and ultimately the message of what God says you’re worth. He looks forward to seeing you in BC, if not sooner.


FALL7 is the music team that leads the music at the worship service at Walnut Grove Lutheran Church in Langley, BC. The current music team was formed in 2014, though the majority of the members have been involved in leading the music at the worship service for many years. We’re looking forward to leading the music at the Main Sessions and the worship services at the National Youth Gathering!

Band Members:
Tracey Dyck – Lead vocal, keyboard
Keith Galick – Electric guitar, mandolin, acoustic guitar
Brenda Haid – Bass guitar, upright bass, vocals
Julie Kim – Piano, keyboard, vocals
Cliff Thai – Drums, percussion
Ryan Vanderpol – Acoustic guitar, vocals

Tara Lyn Hart

Tara Lyn Hart is a Canadian singer/songwriter who loves music almost as much as she loves being a mom!
At 18 years old her childhood dreams came true when she signed a record deal with Sony Music Canada, but after a few years of recording and touring she realized that God’s plans are always the best plans, even if they aren’t quite what you had in mind (and even if they don’t include being a recording artist).

God’s plan for Tara has included a lot of exciting twists, including teaching voice and drama, writing music, fostering and adopting, moving to Australia for almost 4 years, and the blessing of a child with Down syndrome!

If you would have told Tara 21 years ago that she would be married to a Pastor and have 5 kids she would have laughed really hard, but she thinks it’s pretty amazing how God has blessed her with exactly what she needed in her life, even if it wasn’t what she had planned.

Music is still a big part of Tara’s life, and she is so excited to share her love of music at the 2019 NYG!!

the These Guys

Leon Jameson, Jeffrey Kunze, and Micah Steiner are the THESE GUYS, a skit trio that brings comedy and insight to the day-to-day experiences of teenagers and adults. They’ve been teaching God’s word using comedy, drama, wigs, and fake mustaches for almost twenty years. Their improvisational, and hilarious, sometimes dramatic response to the Christian life makes them a must see for all ages. Laugh along, don’t take them too seriously and perhaps see just a bit of yourself in their sketches.

John W. Oberdeck

Retired from serving as Director for Lay Ministry, and Professor of Theology at Concordia University Wisconsin in July 2017. He attended Concordia High School in Milwaukee, and graduated from Concordia College, Milwaukee, in 1972, and from Concordia Senior College, Fort Wayne, in 1974. He received a Masters of Science in Education degree from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee in 1976. In 1979 he graduated from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis with the Master of Divinity Degree. In 1999 Oberdeck received the Ph.D. degree from the University of Missouri – Columbia in the field of educational psychology.

From 1979 to 1982, Oberdeck served the dual parish of Trinity Lutheran Church and School, Stewardson, IL, and St. Paul Lutheran Church, Sigel, IL. From 1982 to 1989, he was pastor of Zion Lutheran Church and School in Litchfield, IL. From 1989 to 2002 Oberdeck served on the faculty of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, first as Director of Resident Field Education (1989-1995), and later as Director of the Doctor of Ministry Degree (1995-1997) and Director of Continuing Education (1995-2002). In July of 2002 Oberdeck accepted the call to Concordia University Wisconsin.

His particular interests are in youth ministry, family ministry, and adult education. Articles by Dr. Oberdeck have appeared in Lutheran Education, Teacher Interaction, The Lutheran Witness, Concordia Journal, and theSource (LCMS Youth Ministry on-line magazine). He is the author of the 2010 book Eutychus Youth: Applied Theology for Youth Ministry published by Concordia Publishing House. Dr. Oberdeck has presented at numerous district and circuit conferences.

He and his wife Ginny live in Brown Deer, Wisconsin and have been blessed with three children and seven grandchildren.